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administra▓tive items that had been delegated to local government, the meeting decided to cancel an▓other 53 administrative approval items and 20 intermediary service items.“Legal businesses are requir▓ed to go through the time-consuming approval process▓, and in the meantime illegal ones are selling their shoddy products on the market. So the government should first understand market entities’ ▓needs before it can better t

  • y for the market to be given full creativi▓ty and vitality, the Premier said.At the first executiv▓e
  • meeting after the current government was established in March 2013, adm
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ransform its function and optimize services,” said the Premier.“Delegating power and enforcing regulations should be promoted and▓ furthered with continuous efforts,” stressed Premier Li. He also urged attaching gre▓at importance to market supervision, striking a ba▓lance between the government and the market.According to▓ the meeting, China will soon issue▓ its first guidelin

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